FZ 250 ABS and Non ABS Price in Nepal 2021 latest

fz 250 non abs price in nepal

FZ 250 price in Nepal

Yamaha Nepal had launched the bike in 250cc segment couple of years ago.In the bike in 250cc segment the bike is the most lovable and best selling bike of Nepal.The Yamaha FZ 250 price in Nepal is also kept reasonable.So,this bike is among the best selling bike in Nepal.
Lets see the Yamaha FZ 250 Price in Nepal with the other specifications below.The bike has got all the features to make it the best selling 250  cc bike in Nepal.


Yamaha had made this bike look very dash looking.The aggressive look of the bike is loved by all the youths of Nepal.We can say that it has got the premium design that can give the competition to many higher budget bikes of Nepal.

fz 25 abs price in nepal
The bike is made look extremely sharp and sporty 250 has the muscular tank,LED headlights with the same LED tail lamp in the back.In the front the headlamp makes the bike look cool ,and the mirror placement is done well.

fz 250 tank in nepal

In the diamond shape the bike ensures that there is same alike design of the Yamaha FZ V2 and FZ V3.Inspired from them it gives the feelings of that bike.


As mentioned earlier Yamaha FZ 25 is among the best bike of 250cc in Nepal.There is a 249cc Liquid cooled engine that is preferred over the many bikes in Nepal.

We know fuel injection system is the best part of Yamaha Nepal.There are almost very bike is on Fuel Injection System nowadays.As that the FZ 25 is also based in Fuel injection system.
There is also Yamaha OWN Blue Core technology in FZ V250.Yamaha ensures that the Blue Core technology is very good for the Fuel Efficient. It also helps the environment in making it consume the less carbon dioxide.


Having a 250 cc engine in Yamaha FZ 25 we can expect a lot of performance here.FZ 25 has the ability to go in almost all the parts of Nepal.We can say that the bike give the extraordinary pickup in all the regions.
Yamaha FZ 25 in Nepal produces a maximum power of bhp@8000 rpm.The numbers are insane there.Talking about the torque the FZ 25 produces 20NM at its peak.It is little lesser power than the Bajaj Bikes gives but they are fuel efficient.

fz 250 riding experience

The overall riding will surely be smooth in all the paths.FZ 250 has the potential of maintaining the smooth riding experience without any interruptions.
Having the more torque means we can get the overtaking task much easier.20 NM torque produced by the FZ 25 is a lot for the roads of Nepal for competition against the street vehicles.
So,FZ 25 Performance in Nepal is way good.There is a 100% satisfaction in the performance by us from this bike.

Top Speed

Yamaha FZ 25 can go to the top speed of 134kmph in the roads.This is way more speed in the roads of Nepal.
We can go to the speed of 100 km per hour very easily in this bike.Upto 100 km per hour expect a buttery performance from this bike.

In a long ride trip with its powerful engine, you can cruise it all day long without any kind of difficulties.


FZ 25 has the fuel tank capacity of 14l.Having the big body bike is good because there is also a high capacity fuel tank there.Fuel tank has 14l which is more than the other bikes like Pulsar 200NS and Apache 200V.

Mileage of FZ 25 on Nepali Road

Yamaha Claims that the FZ 25 can give the mileage of around 40 km per liter in the Nepali roads.250 CC bike is way more powerful to give that kind of mileage.But the Fuel Injection system and the Blue core technology are the main reasons of it.

fz 250 design in nepal

You can expect about 35 km per liter mileage from FZ 25 in Nepal.Alike Duke 250 or Benelli 250 FZ 25 does not consumes a lot of fuel in riding.It gives more mileage than the other 200cc bikes like Duke 200 or Pulsar 200 NS .


In the 2020 FZ 25 comes with the advanced braking system.At the launch of this bike there were only Dual Disc braking in the bike.But in 2020.FZ 25 comes in Nepal with the new ABS system.
Yes,this is the bike in 250cc segment where there is dual channel ABS.Having a dual channel means there is a higher safety rate than the other non-ABS bikes.

Yamaha FZ 250 ABS tyres

There is also a option in FZ 25, non ABS version is also available there.The non ABS costs way more lesser than the ABS version.If Abs is needed the most and you do not have sufficient money you can shit to its younger brother FZ V3 ABS.
ABS ensures that there is a good braking in the emergency and other critical weather situations.Therefore according to the conditions of Nepali roads in Nepal FZ 25 is the most recommended bike cause of ABS.

Key Specifications of FZ 25 in Nepal

  • Engine:249 cc
  • No Of Cylinder:Single
  • Gears :5 Gears
  • Max Power: 20.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm
  • Max Torque :20 Nm @ 6000 rpm
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
  • Mileage: 40 km per liter
  • Cooling System:Air Cooled
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 L

Yamaha FZ 25 Price in Nepal

Yamaha FZ 25 Price in Nepal starts from Rs 4,42,900 (dual channel ABS)

fz v3 speedomater

The FZ 25 here is the non ABS version.Having a bike with the non-ABS in not so good in 2020.So go for ABS version if you can afford it.But for the Dual Channel ABS version you have to spend more money.

PS:Yamaha has discontinued non-ABS Version of FZ 250 in Nepal.

Yamaha FZ 250 ABS price in Nepal

FZ 25 ABS price in Nepal is Rs 4,42,900. There is a dual channel ABS in this bike.So,it gives a way more good braking performance than the other bikes.

Lets see Pros and Cons of FZ V3 bike in NEPAL.


Great design with good mileage.
High performance
Best bike in this price range


ABS version of FZ V3 is way more expensive.
Pillion seat could have been better.

Final Words on FZ 25 Price in Nepal

The FZ 25 is the best bike among the 250 cc segment in Nepal.In the 250cc range we can not get the bike of this quality.With the good design,sporty looks,powerful performance and mileage this bike attracts a lots of youths of Nepal.Its main competiror are recently Launched DOMINAR 250 cc that also provides the same energy in almost same price.

fz 250 blue color nepal
So,if you want a bike that is powerful,also good for little off roads and with the gift power in the range of Rs 450000 this is the good bike.The main competes of this bike are Pulsar 220F,Suzuki Dixxer 250 and Dominar 250.
Hence,this bike is the best value for money bike in Nepal regarding its performance,mileage and design.So,you can blindly go for it.

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