|LATEST| Pulsar NS200 ABS FI Price in Nepal and Specs

ns 200ns price in nepal

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 ABS FI Price in Nepal and Specs

Pulsar 200 NS is one of the best selling bike of 200 cc in Nepal.The bike is most loved by all the youngsters in Nepal.Under the Price of  4 lakhs in Nepal the bike is one the favorites in Nepal.The Pulsar 200NS has a sporty look, with all the new features and the best graphics design.

ns 200 abs price nepal

In the recent years Bajaj has sold the Pulsar NS 200 more than other bikes.The bike was sold more in India and it enhanced the major impact also in Nepal. With the Addition of ABS and the other Fuel Injection Technology ,bikes are made at its finest by Bajaj. See NS 200 Price in Nepal and specs below.

Pulsar NS 200 Specifications

Bajaj Produces the best bikes in Nepal.The bike are well designed with the best power and all the overall specs.Looking at the design ,sporty look and other sporty segment we can compare the bike to the other bike segment far above putting the NS 200. The NS 200 is also the most sold by the Bajaj Nepal  after the Pulsar 150 cc in Nepal.Mileage,Performance are all good for this bike.Lets see the Pulsar 200 NS Specs and Price in Nepal in Detail below:


Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is inspired by the death design of the animals anger look.With the sporty look and other details bike looks extra ordinary. The Naked Sport Design helps us to escape from the traffic very easily.Bike helps us in the tremendous pleasure with the mono suspension and the danger looks.

ns 200 speed nepal

The Pulsar  NS 200 is not exact a sharp bike, but instead, has muscular curves at the tank to look the bike chamber looking good.

Engine And Performance

Pulsar NS 200 in Nepal comes in the three variants.There is the normal DTS-i engine on the first segment. But Bajaj has listened the demands of the customer and the FI segment is also available in Nepal.

Fuel Injection Technology is the most demanded nowadays for the better mileage and the other performance issues.

ns 200 engine photo

Hence both DTS-i and Fuel Engine are both available in Nepal.

Talking about the power NS 200 bike produces the a maximum power output of 23.17bhp at 9,500rpm  and a maximum torque output of 18.3Nm at 8,000rpm.

Having the powerful 200 cc engine there will be no complaint in the performance.23.17 bhp is a lot of power for the bikes in Nepal.It can compete with the segment of Duke 200, TVS Apache 200 V and other 200 cc bikes in Nepal.

NS 200 is also the most loving bike by the Youngsters in Nepal. Its price ,availability and reliability are too good.

Top Speed

As the bike is 200 cc so the bike has the incredible power for the riding.Following the top speed and to accelerate in the highways it gives the joy for the ride.There will be no any kinds of vibration and the shakiness in the bike also if you are riding in the speed of 100+ km per hour also.

The NS 200 can go to maximum speed of 136 km per hour .

And the bike can reach 100 km per hour in just 9.86 seconds.


Having the 200 CC engine ,we can expect the bike to give the suitable mileage.As per the user claim the bike can give us the mileage of 35 km per liter in the highways and 30 km + mileage in the city areas.

As you know the fuel economy depends upon how you ride the bike.In highways in the constant speed and the other off roads mileage surely differ.

Pulsar 200 NS has the fuel tank Capacity of 12 liter. Once the bike is topped up,we can ride around 350+ kilometres easily.


The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is available in Nepal in Red and Black and White and Black Variant.

yellow ns 200 in nepal abs price

Bajaj Discontinued the Yellow and the Blue color.

Other Features

Talking about the features Bajaj Nepal has done everything to satisfy what the users wanted in Nepal.According to the user needs there are much features in the bike.

200ns abs fi price nepal

Fuel Injection FI technology is also available in the NS 200 in Nepal. According to the users needs the NS 200 ABS is also available in Nepal.The bike can compete with the DUKE 200 ABS version easily.

Lets see short specifications below:

  •  Displacement :199.5 cc
  • Fuel Delivery System :Fuel Injection 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 1:2 litres
  • Fuel Type: Petrol 
  • Max Power :24.13 bhp @ 9,750 rpm
  • Max Torque :18.5 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
  • Gearbox: 6-Speed
  • Fuel Tank: 12 liter
  • Mileage: 35 kmpl
  • Top Speed: 135 Kmph
  • Front Brake: Disc 
  • Rear Brake: Disc
  • Tyres: Tubeless
  • Braking System: Single-Channel ABS
  • Front Tyre: 110/80-17 
  • Rear Tyre: 130/70-17 

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Price in Nepal

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Price in Nepal starts from Rs 3,47,900 (ABS).

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS Price in Nepal

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS price in Nepal is RS 3,67,900.This costs 20000 more than the standard DTS-i engine.

Overall Verdict

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is the bike that is suitable for the youngsters in Nepal.It is the naked sports bike that is good in the city areas and the off-roads also.

We can ride the bike comfortably in the highways and city areas. Additionally there is no debt in the other off roads also.Having the sixth gear you can cruise comfortably in the city highways in 80 + km per hours with no vibration and the discomfort.

Also the bike has ABS version.Though the single channel NS 200 has got ABS that is much needed feature nowadays. R15 V3 might be the other options for people who are willing to buy this bike.


For the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 in Nepal we can see there are other 200 cc bikes who will compete with this beast.NS 200 gives the best power,mileage and value for the money in the bikes on Nepal. The Naked Sports Segment bike has other segment bikes to give Bajaj Nepal competition.

The main Competitors of this bike are:-

  1. Yamaha MT-15
  2. Pulsar 220
  3. TVS Apache 200
  4. FZ 25

Pros and Cons

Lets see pros and cons here of NS 200 in Nepal


  • Superior Design
  • Best in value segment
  • ABS
  • Fuel injection


  • Much heavy for some people
  • Mileage may be the issue.
  • Can be more comfortable.

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