New Bike tax in Nepal in 2076.Find your bike tax in Nepal

bike tax in Nepal 2077 nepal latest

Bike Tax in Nepal

In Nepal we have to pay a lot of money for riding the bikes.Here we buy the bikes in almost two times more money than in India .That does not end there and we have to pay the tax as well.

Government of Nepal takes the taxes depending upon the engine displacement in Nepal.In Nepal the bike taxes starts from  Rs 2800 to Up-to Rs 30000 in Nepal. In a Fiscal year government collects about Billions of Rupees from the taxes only.

bike tax in nepal of cc

In Nepal bikes comes to range from 99 cc to all the way to 1000+ cc. The tax price also increases according to engine.There we have to pay magnificent jump up-to 300% tax adding up-to in the capacity change.Below lets see the Bike tax in NEPAL.

Bike tax in Nepal 2077

Updated Bikes Tax in Nepal (Yearly)
Up to 125 ccRs 2800
126 cc to 160 ccRs 4500
161 cc to 250 ccRs 5500
251 cc to 400 ccRs 9000
401 cc to 650 ccRs 20000
>650 ccRs 30000


PS: The Bike tax are reported to be different according to the province.The given tax are for province no 3 ( Kathmandu).

Electric Bike Tax in Nepal

In the recent time we are seeing people are interested in the Electric bikes and scooters in Nepal.Electric vehicles are cheaper and they provide the cheap cost in fuel and other servicing.

The electric vehicle tax is lower cause government encourages us to use the less fuel and invest on the electrical supplement.

bike tax fine in nepal

As per the government ,there we can see very price difference in the Electric bikes and vehicle tax in Nepal.Lets see the data here.

Electric Vehicle tax in Nepal

Electric BikesTax in Nepal
350 Watt to 1000 WattRs 1500
1000 Watt to 1500 WRs 2000
>1500 W Rs 3000

Example: If you have Bajaj Dominar 400 (373.27cc), you have to pay Rs 9000 yearly for Government as renew tax.

Here is all the details about the Bikes CC and bikes tax in Nepal .If you are planning to buy a higher capacity  engine bike in Nepal, be ready to pay more tax.More the engine capacity,more the tax you have to pay in Nepal.

Official Notice By Government

Here is the official Notice about the bikes and the tax information in Nepal.

bike tax in Nepal 2077 nepal latest
official bike tax in nepal

Fine of Bike Tax in Nepal 2077

If you do not pay the bikes tax in right time,you have to pay additional penalty fine to the government.The government will charge you percentage of fine penalty if you do not pay in deadline.

The bike tax fine In Nepal will be increased in time.It depends upon for the first month, first two months,first and first three months.

The bike tax fine is 10 % for the first month,20% for the second month  and 30% till the fiscal year .

Bike Tax Fine in Nepal

Bike TaxFine Penalty in Nepal
Late Upto 1 MonthAdditional 10% fine
Late Upto 2 monthsAdditional 20 % Fine
Late Upto 3 monthsAdditional 30%


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